Mortgage Rates

Clover Mortgage Works Hard To Get You Some Of The Best Mortgage Rates In Ontario!

At Clover, we pride ourselves at working day and night to get our customers some of the most competitive mortgage rates available in Toronto, the surrounding areas, the Ottawa area, and other parts of Ontario.
Here’s a chart to show you what our lowest mortgage rates start at:
TermsFixedVariablePrivate 1st MortgagePrivate 2nd Mortgage
1 Year3.19%3.79%5.49%6.99%
2 Year3.06%5.49%6.99%
3 Year2.96%2.79%
4 Year3.14%
5 Year2.94%2.74%
7 Year3.79%
10 Year3.99%
*Interest rates are subject to change at anytime. Terms and conditions may apply.
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How do we offer lower mortgage rates
for the same bank products?

More Choice

We shop rates from dozens of lenders.

No Haggling

We give you the best deal upfront.

Volume Discounts

We pass on any discounts we receive to you.