At Clover Mortgage we understand that in order to get the right kind of mortgage or financing solution for your needs, you first need to understand what your goals are and what you can afford. The following free tools and calculators can help you get started!

Home Equity


Our Home Equity Calculator Canada can help you determine how much equity is available in your home to borrow.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Our Clover Mortgage Payment Calculator can help you determine the monthly mortgage payment for a specific home price.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Our Clover Mortgage Refinance Calculator to see how much of a refinance you might qualify for and can afford.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Our Clover Mortgage Affordability Calculator can help you determine how much of a mortgage and property you can afford.

Rent vs. Buy


Our Clover Mortgage Rent Vs Buy Calculator can help you determine which option makes the most sense to you.

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