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Whether you're a first-time home buyer, prospective homeowner, entrepreneur, or seeking to consolidate debt, we're here to guide you toward success. With our expert advice and personalized solutions, achieving your financial goals has never been more accessible.

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Are you concerned about finding a mortgage with favorable rates and terms?

Say goodbye to uncertainty with our expert guidance and access to competitive rates and favorable terms, ensuring you get the best deal possible for your dream home.


Worried about balancing mortgage payments with other financial goals?

Our customized mortgage solutions are designed to align seamlessly with your financial goals, allowing you to achieve homeownership without compromising on your other dreams and ambitions.


Have a less-than-perfect credit score?

Don't let past setbacks hinder your future homeownership plans. Our experienced team specializes in finding solutions for all credit types, offering hope and opportunity to borrowers looking to turn their homeownership dreams into reality.


Concerned about the complex mortgage process?

Relax and let us handle the heavy lifting. Our simplified approach ensures clarity and transparency every step of the way, guiding you through the process with ease and confidence.

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Mortgage Brokerage Services

Get pre-approved, and get financing for your new house, condo, or commercial property purchase. Our mortgage brokers will educate you on the types of mortgages available, and find the best rates, terms, and lending products that we can that are tailored to your financial situation.

Residential Mortgages

Seamless Mortgage Services for Your Residential Property Needs.

Home Equity

Renovation and Construction

Bring Your Vision to Life with Specialized Renovation and Construction Financing.

Non-Prime Mortgages

Commercial Lending

Fuel Your Business Growth with Innovative Commercial Financing Solutions.

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Use our quick mortgage calculator to estimate your potential mortgage payment.

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This customized mortgage calculator is designed to provide you an estimate of potential monthly payments and total interest costs. Simply enter details like the mortgage amount, amortization period, payment frequency, and mortgage rate to see estimates.

This tool helps you determine affordability and compare payment options. For example, you can see how much the monthly payment decreases by extending amortization from 25 to 30 years, or how a 0.5% lower mortgage rate from our best mortgage broker saves thousands in interest over 5 years.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer researching home purchase costs or an experienced homeowner in the housing market considering refinancing, use our calculator to estimate payments. The estimates help guide discussions with our brokers about competitive rates and term options tailored to your budget. Our customized solutions start with understanding your needs.

Meet Our Mortgage Brokers

Our mortgage brokers have over 30 years of combined experience in the mortgage industry.
Their expertise guides clients like you to financial success every day.



President & Principal Broker
Lic # M18001927




Mortgage Agent Level 2
Lic # M21004209




Commercial Mortgage Agent Level 1
Lic # M09000226




Mortgage Agent Level 1
Lic # M18001652




Mortgage Broker
Lic # M13002152




Mortgage Agent Level 2
Lic # M12001642




Mortgage Agent Level 2
Lic # M23004811




Mortgage Agent Level 2
Lic # M18002503




Underwriter & Mortgage Agent Level 2
Lic # M17001322




Mortgage Agent Level 2
Lic # M22001917




Mortgage Agent Level 1
Lic # M21003803




Mortgage Agent Level 2
Lic # M22003805


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About Clover Mortgage Brokers

Since 2018, Clover Mortgage Brokers has provided personalized mortgage solutions to home buyers in Toronto, the GTA, and all across Ontario. Our commitment to each client goes beyond simply securing financing. We empower you to make informed decisions at every step of the home-buying journey so you can achieve your property ownership goals.

Our team of mortgage brokers offers guidance based on your unique financial situation. We take the time to understand your credit history, income, assets, and financial objectives so we can find you the optimal loan product and rate. You'll never feel rushed or pressured.

At Clover Mortgage Brokers, our mission isn't complete until you hold the keys to your new home. We'll be by your side from pre-approval to closing, providing unmatched expertise and service. Contact us today to start your journey toward homeownership.

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How We Work with You

Our simple 4-step process makes financing stress-free and understandable.

1. Consultation

During our initial consultation, we'll discuss your financial goals, employment, credit and desired property. This helps us craft a financing strategy tailored to your unique situation.

2. Pre-Approval

After reviewing your financial details, if you qualify then we'll obtain a pre-approval letter stating your qualified mortgage amount and interest rate or will provide you with an in-house pre-qualification analysis. This can give you more negotiating power when making offers.

3. Planning

As you get closer to your closing date, we'll re-verify your documents and lock in the best rate. We closely monitor rates daily to seize opportunities.

4. Closing

We ensure all conditions are met, documentation is complete, funds are transferred, and keys are in your hands! We'll be available throughout the closing process to answer any questions.

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Why Work With Us

Low Mortgage Rate

*Rates start as low as 4.69% with our competitive pricing. By leveraging relationships with major banks, credit unions and private lenders, our best mortgage brokers in Toronto may be able to save you 0.10%-0.50% versus big banks.
*Rates are subject to change. Terms and conditions may apply.

Fast Service

We pride ourselves on quick pre-approvals, transparent communication, and guiding clients through the mortgage process with ease. Our mortgage products and expertise make financing smooth and straightforward.

Bad Credit

Have issues with big banks? We help clients with bad credit, bank declines and unique situations get approved with alternative and private lenders at reasonable rates

Easy Application

*We offer quick pre-approvals and customized mortgage solutions for your situation. Our best mortgage brokers simplify paperwork and requirements to make the application process easy.
*Terms & conditions may apply

Access the Best Mortgage Rates

Get Toronto's best mortgage rates and financing solutions we have available. Our trusted Toronto mortgage brokers leverage relationships with Toronto mortgage lenders to get clients the optimal mortgage loan terms. Contact Clover Mortgage Brokers today!

5 Year 4.49% 5.90%
4 Year 4.74
3 Year 4.79 6.00%
2 Year 5.24% 8.99% 10.99%
1 Year 6.19% 8.49% 10.99%
7 Year 4.89%
10 Year 6.10%

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  • Trusted by Canadians for fast and easy mortgage or home refinancing approvals.
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  • Utilise user-friendly calculators for mortgage approvals, payments, land transfer, and closing costs.
  • Explore a straightforward library of tools to accelerate and simplify your mortgage journey.
  • Experience the commitment of Clover Mortgage, where your needs are our top priority.
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Our Customers

Sandra F.
Sandra F.
I was in debt and needed help getting back on track. My mortgage agent at Clover Mortgage helped me get approved for a home equity loan to consolidate all of my debt in one small monthly payment. Now I’m saving over $1,000 a month in interest and am left with less debt and more money in my pocket at the end of each month. Thank you Clover!
David J.
David J.
I'm a self employed independent contractor. I earn a decent income, but when I went to the bank to refinance my home, they denied my application telling me that I didn't have enough "provable" income to qualify for refinancing my home. When I came to Clover I was almost out of hope. My Mortgage Agent at Clover was caring and professional, and help me get a great rate and flexible terms on full refinance. The whole process took less than 48 hours! I was impressed at how quickly and easily they were able to get me the money and home refinance I needed. Thank you Clover Mortgage, I'm recommending you to everyone I know!!
Andrea R.
Andrea R.
I had really bad credit, but really wanted to purchase a Condo. When I went to the bank they made me go through a lengthy application process that took weeks, and then they turned me down at the end of it all. When I found Clover Mortgage online, I called them and a friendly Mortgage Agent was able to help me get approved for a mortgage quickly and hassle-free. I got a good rate and now live in a home that I am comfortable in and am able to easily afford my monthly payments.
Ankur R.
Ankur R.
I definitely recommend Clover Mortgage to any new home buyer! They were very professional and helped my husband and I get mortgage for our new home at an even better rate than the bank was offering us. They also helped us get the mortgage with a smaller down-payment than the bank demanded from us. Since we did our mortgage with Clover, several of our friends and family members got their from them also, and Clover Mortgage has been able to help all of them, even the ones that were completely turned away and rejected by their banks.
Janet L.
Janet L.
My husband and I found ourselves in a tough situation. Luckily my expert mortgage broker at Clover Mortgage helped us get a fast and easy approval for an amazing rate for refinancing our home. Clover's service is the best I've ever experienced and I've been recommending them to all of my family members and friends ever since. Thanks for your help Clover!
Raj I.
Raj I.
I definitely recommend Clover Mortgage to any new home buyer! They were very professional and helped my wife and I get mortgage for our new home at an even better rate than the bank was offering us. They also helped us get the mortgage with a smaller down-payment than the bank demanded from us. Since we did our mortgage with Clover, several of our friends and family members got their from them also, and Clover Mortgage has been able to help all of them, even the ones that were completely turned away and rejected by their banks.

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Our Partners

We're partnered with over 70 trustworthy banks, credit unions and alternative lenders to provide you
with every possible mortgage loan option.

TD Canada Trust
Scotia bank
Manulife Bank
Equitable Bank
B2B Bank
Community Trust
Effort Trust
Merix Financial
Lendwise Financial
Broker ONe
Mortgage Professionals of Canada (MPC)
Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA)

Message from the President:

As President and Principal Broker of Clover Mortgage, I understand that every client's situation and needs are different. I am committed to ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of customer service and are offered the best mortgage solutions that we have available for their individual needs.

Our team of highly knowledgeable mortgage brokers and agents are standing by to help you get the best financing solution we can.

Message from the President

Charities We Support

Seva Food Bank
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Frequently Asked Questions

A mortgage broker is a licensed professional who works with lenders to find the optimal loan products and rates on behalf of borrowers. They shop multiple lenders to secure competitive pricing.

Mortgage brokers are sometimes paid a commission by the lender when they bring them new mortgage business. Some lenders do not pay a commission and the brokers would charge a reasonable brokerage fee which is disclosed to the client prior to signing any documents and the fee is only collected once the mortgage is funded at closing. There are no upfront fees or upfront costs for borrowers to use a broker.

Mortgage brokers educate borrowers on loans, find the best lenders and rates for their situation, prepare paperwork/documentation, negotiate rates with lenders, and guide clients through the full financing process.

Brokers access much better rates since they shop multiple lender options rather than just one bank. Brokers' expertise saves borrowers thousands over a mortgage term compared to banks.

Key questions: What are my mortgage options? How can I get the lowest rate? What fees are involved? How long until I'm approved? Can you help me if I have credit issues? How much communication will we have?

Look for an experienced broker with strong client reviews. Meet with brokers to assess their expertise and responsiveness. Look for membership in industry associations like MPC, CMBA, and licenses from FSRA.

3-6 months before buying a home or renewing, connect with a broker to discuss needs and get pre-approved. This provides home shopping power and certainty well ahead of time.

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) licenses and oversees mortgage brokers in Ontario. Brokers must follow strict regulations and practices to maintain licensing.

Let us know if you have any other mortgage broker questions! Our experienced team is here to help.

How Clover Mortgage Brokers are Different?

  Clover Mortgage brokers Standard Mortgage brokers Big Banks
Approval & Funding In as little as 48hrs Varies More than 2 weeks typically
Retired customers + +
Poor credit customers + +
Custom mortgage products 300+ Varies Limited to bank's offering
100% Privacy guaranteed + + +
Multi-provincial + Varies +
Works with over 75 lenders + Varies 1 lender
We have a fudiciary duty to you, the customer + + Fudiciary duty to their employer, the bank
Many mortgage products for self employed borrowers + Varies Limited to bank's offering
Our agents are trained and mentored by top industry experts + Varies Bank training ONLY
Free pre-qualification + + +