Yen "May" Nguyen

Yen "May" Nguyen

Mortgage Agent Level 2

Lic# M18002503

Yen’s mantra is “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.”

Yen is a caring and honest person and mortgage agent who works endlessly to get each of her clients the best mortgage rates and terms available. She started her career in the real estate industry but soon realized that she could make a more positive impact on her clients’ lives by transitioning into the mortgage industry. As a real estate agent, Yen always enjoyed helping people find and secure their dream homes, but felt that sometimes her clients were not being provided with the best mortgage options from the banks. As a result, she switched into the mortgage industry to help home buyers and homeowners with, what often was, their largest financial decision of their lives. With her extensive background in mortgages and real estate, Yen is able to use her knowledge and expertise to give her customers the most detailed advice and help them find the best mortgage products available.

Yen knows and understands how difficult it can be for a homebuyer or homeowner to do all of the necessary research required to make the most educated decisions about their financial futures. That is why she works tirelessly to contact as many lenders as she can in order to get her customers the best deal possible. Whether you are refinancing your existing mortgage or obtaining a new one, Yen will be there for you every step of the way!

Call May at 647-447-0413 or email her at for any of your future mortgage inquiries.