Centum Financial Group Inc. Review – Is it the Right Choice For Your Mortgage Needs?

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1 year ago

Making the right choices about your financial needs is key to your future. To that end, Clover Mortgage seeks to provide information about mortgage providers and brokers who may be a good fit for you. Our goal is to provide a clear, concise, and balanced overview of companies that offer the type of lending options that you seek. Remember that in addition to the information provided here, we encourage you to conduct your own research also.

The subject of this overview will be Centum Financial Group Inc., specifically as their services relate to providing mortgage financing.

A Brief History of Centum

Founded in 2002 and based in Vancouver, with operations in Toronto and other cities, Centum Financial Group Inc. is a family-owned entity that offers franchises that are often operated by other families. As described by Chris Turcotte, Centum’s COO and President, the company seeks to provide a more personal range of services to their customer base:

“Our customers are our friends, family members and neighbours, so integrity and trust is everything. At Centum, we are always looking out for your best interest.”

Operating in a number of places around the nation, the company has established a presence in many key markets. Many clients find that the Centum mortgage rates as well as the Centum national mortgage loans offered compare favourably with the offerings of other entities. This is in part because Centum strives to provide services to people and businesses even if their credit ratings are not the best.

The Range of Services Offered by Centum

One of the first things you’ll notice is that this is a financial entity that offers a variety of financial services. In addition to mortgages and mortgage refinance services Centum also offers other types of financial services. Those include options for life and disability insurance, property leasing, and various types of consumer loans. Like the mortgages offered by Centum, the loans include plans geared toward those with less than perfect credit.

You’ll also find that the roster of Centum complete mortgage services corp includes support with commercial as well as residential mortgages. Those include first mortgages, mortgage refinancing, reverse mortgages, and second mortgages.

To aid clients in finding what they need, Centum offers the assistance of various personnel to help. Those seeking first time mortgages will have no trouble connecting with a Centum mortgage agent. Those who want to get an idea of what they would pay can make use of the Centum mortgage calculator found on the company website. Many homeowners who have thought about refinancing an existing mortgage or seeking a second mortgage have in the past turned to Centum mortgage brokers, and other mortgage brokerages, for help.


As of the end of 2019, is has been said that Centum operated around 200 offices across Canada, including franchise locations. Along with permanent staff to support operations in Toronto, Vancouver, and other major cities, and provide services to franchise partners, there are also around 2000 agents who try to help their clients with financial services that are provided by the business.

Many of the agents are located in and near major population centres. If you’re looking for a

Centum mortgage Toronto, they have agents around the city. The same is true if you’re seeking to secure a Centum mortgage Ottawa. Those who are wanting to look into the possibilities of being approved for a Centum mortgage Barrie will find plenty of options too.

Those who are looking for a Centum mortgage Mississauga will not be disappointed. It’s also true that any applicant who would like to secure a Centum mortgage Kitchener will find personnel who are willing to receive and review their applications.

Agents and the Application Process

Owing to the company structure, it’s not difficult to find Centum mortgage professionals who are available and willing to answer questions and help applicants with the application process. Getting started isn’t difficult, since it’s possible to submit an application for pre-qualification to them as with many other brokerages too. This can often be the starting point for securing the financing needed to make a property purchase.

One of the key points about the Centum mortgage professionals corp is simplicity. With the applications and with discussions with potential clients, the goal is to keep the terminology in everyday terms that most people understand. That can help put people who feel intimidated by financial matters at ease and help them feel more in control of the process.

To make the Centum application mortgage easier for first-time mortgage applicants, the company operates a blog with helpful articles related to mortgages in general and applications in particular. There’s also a glossary of terms that explains terminology in a way that makes it easier to understand. If there are any questions that consumers want to address before submitting an application, the Contact Us feature found on the company website makes communication simple.

What Employees Say About Centum

You can learn a great deal about a company by what current and past employees have to say. As that relates to the Centum professional mortgage group, there’s plenty of information online that helps to provide some ideas of how employees view the company and what it has to offer.

At the popular Glassdoor website, past and present employees generally credit Centum with high marks in key areas. Many of the reviews spotlight the excellent benefits offered to employees, the positive working environment, and a supportive culture where communication between personnel is easy. Commissions are considered reasonable and there’s support designed to help agents succeed.

When examining their offerings like the Centum discount mortgage Canada, reviews from employees have been favourable stating that it is fairly straightforward and easy to discuss their offerings with potential applicants. Most report having no issues working for Centum mortgage.

One issue that is mentioned is that a goal is sometimes implemented quickly and without as much preparation as some would like. This can lead to some confusion among employees as well as agents who want to ensure that they direct clients to the best financial offerings for their situations. Even so, most noted that they find offerings like the Centum discount mortgage Canada to be straightforward and easy to discuss with potential applicants.

Current and Past Customers & Their Impressions of Centum

Checking out Centum mortgage reviews at various sites as well as social media confirms that the company has a number of satisfied clients. Many of the reviews found online note that the agents they spoke with were usually knowledgeable about the options available, demonstrated the ability to listen closely to what the applicants had to say, provided answers to questions promptly, and in general made the process of deciding to apply easy.

In terms of response time after submitting applications, many applicants were generally happy with how quickly they received responses. Many noted that they were able to receive offers that included better terms and conditions than they expected to receive. Even with a high risk

Centum mortgage offer, the interest rates seemed to be more competitive than what applicants were offered elsewhere.

Reviews for the customer service levels for Centum mortgage also tend to be positive and any negative reviews or Centum mortgage complaints seem to be on isolated incidences and are addressed very quickly and well by Centum.

There’s no doubt that Centum has been a good fit for a number of consumers. Between their focus on providing mortgage loans to a wider range of consumers and the number of Centum benefit mortgages that they have to offer, this is an option worth considering. There are several options to apply for a Centum mortgage Ontario that you can find and see what you think. Although Centum might be able to provide you with a good solution for your mortgage needs, we always recommend doing your own research in order to ensure that you select the right mortgage brokerage and mortgage agent to help you with this important financial decision.

Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are solely those of the editor and do not necessarily represent the views of the owners, management, staff, and associates of Clover Mortgage Inc. As always, you are encouraged to consider each financial option open to you carefully before making any decision.